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January 1, 2014


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May I wish you a happy New Year despite lurking lurgies! Clearly there are changes in the offing. I would wish that all your plans might go smoothly - except that we all know that is not realistic. So I would wish you the courage to deal with the rough along with the smooth - except that I believe you already have that courage in spades. Perhaps, then, I should wish for you that your admirable courage will never fail, and that there will always be friends and loved ones to support you in whatever the year might bring. Get well soon.

best wishes for good health, good kindred spirits and good dogs in 2014. I was interested to see you've been viewing Breaking Bad. I feel like I'm one of the last to see this and I must get to it soon. I hear good things about it but I just seem to run out of time. anyway, I hope that the bug lasted no longer than the series.

Dear Boots
First a happy, healthy and better new year to you and yours. You deserve it. Your family and your four-legged ones are lucky to be around you.
At Christmas I met your good friend Chris and suggested she should write your life story as a novel and you should writer hers...
In our world we love Christmas cake which is called up here 'spice' which is probably a medieval survivor.
I agree with your assertion about focusing on the'good things' but sometimes wonder if the 'things to be done' are the things that ultimately keep us going. Love and respect

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