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22 October 2007


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Wow, D. I hope you'll wear the sweater and one of the scarves to our next bloggers' outing.

Were you aware that knitting is the new .... um, whatever the old thing was! Famous People have been seen knitting away on movie sets, awaiting their moment in front of the cameras. I recently read of an innovation re knitting needles which I thought was just brilliant - needle tips that glow/light up, so that you can carry on knitting in fading light! My mother was a superb and compulsive knitter. I'm sure it is what kept her sane during many difficult times. And the scarf - magnifique!! Louis too, of course!

M - I'd better not wear the scarf and sweater together in case I frighten the horses (but I think it will take a while to produce the sweater . . .)

J - yes, there have been regular articles in the press about knitting being the the new/old. I could resist the celebrity connections but not the colour-drenched photos on yarnstorm. And now I'm hooked again , which is a suitable metaphor, I guess. Looking back, I can totally identify with your mother's escape into knitting. Now it's a different and much happier kind of escape!

I've become similarly reaquainted with my needles after a gap of about 20 years. Much to my family's amusement, I can now be found happily clicking away most evenings, the only interruptions being when I have to translate the likes of pfb,skpo and ssk. Oh, the joy of grappling with a new knitting pattern!

Ooops, misspelling in previous comment. Note to self: must try harder.

Dont worry Liz; we all do it. And I earn my living as a writer! I put it down to enthusiasm, which is to be encouraged I think.

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