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19 June 2008


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How I envy you! I have a couple of Damien Hirsts, do you think someone might do a trade?

I did once see Bob in concert but was a bit disappointed as he didn't sound anything like he did when we used to listen to his albums in the lunch breaks at school. But I do like some of his paintings. Oh yes, I hear Leonard Cohen went down a storm in Manchester. Wish I'd been there.

Jealous OR WHAT???!!

Lucky you! So pleased to find someone else who admires the towering genius, greatest songwriter of the twentieth century and background to my life that is Bob Dylan as much as I do.

OK M - where have you been hiding those Damien Hirsts?

Liz - I'd rather listen to Dylan on vinyl, CD, downloaded or whatever, through headphones than at a concert these days. The last time I saw him live was in Birmingham about four years ago; his backing band was brilliant but I couldn't make out a single word that he was singing and, on every tour, he reinvents everything musically, so that even diehard fans don't always recognise an old favourite. Having a hearing impairment doesn't help, of course - all the words become bit of a blur, sadly. (Which means I probably would have sat miserably through Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen too.)
KBF - I'm sure you were with me in spirit.
Barbara - there are plenty of us out there!

How very interesting. I had no idea Dylan painted. I love the Man on the Bridge. Thanks for the link to the Times article which I missed.

Susie (and others): if you happen to own either or both of the Self Portrait (1970) and Planet Waves (1974) albums, then you'll find examples of Dylan's early artwork on the covers. If, like me, you've still got the original vinyl albums, you could frame the covers and hang them on the wall!

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  • Patti Smith, M Train
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