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16 August 2008


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Thank you for that link. What must it be like to be made an icon by an enduring album cover? Great album!
Did you hear any of the Radio 4 series 'You probably think this song is about you'? Very interesting, but no Suze. The songs mentioned in that article are among my very favourites, but there are so many.

I only managed to hear one of those programmes, Barbara, but Suze would definitely have been an ideal subject!

The Matisse paintings are powerful even in this distanced on screen form. Must be stunning face to face!

I'm not the original Dylan fan in this family but living surrounded by vinyl, CD and iTune collections I've absorbed enough to want to read the interview so thanks for drawing attention.

A Freewheelin Time, the book by Suze Rotolo is an excellent read and extremely accessible. If you want to get into the spirit of understanding life around Dylan and his colleagues during the early 1960's this book will get you there. Excellent. She should now write another one because there is obviously a lot more in her head.

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