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11 September 2008


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I love that old wall! And what a beautiful little church! So ancient and simple. Beautiful.

This is the kind of blog that speaks to the readers heart. The pictures were just beautiful.

Here in the states, 9/11 is such a sad day. Your blog did truly lift my spirits. Thank you.


Jay - it is a very special place and it was good to do that walk with a special friend.

b - I'm glad the post brought some solace on 9/11. I was caught up in the London bombings on 7/7, thankfully not injured, but it is something that I will never, ever forget. Each year, when the anniversary comes round, I have to go somewhere very still and very quiet for a while.

A perfect post, D, and a wonderful way to start my working day. Thank you.

I could almost smell that leafy path and feel the dampness.

Loooking forward to hearing more about Dorothy. All that suppressed passion and walking, walking, walking.

I loved the photographs of the church and was struck by the dedication. I'd never heard of St Beuno before. It seems he was Welsh and only had 11 churches named for him - most of them in Wales. Exmoor is probably the furthest from his home.

This is lovely. I feel I was walking with you.

Beautiful pictures! Thank you.


What a treat. Those Coleridge lines coming after the beautiful pictures added such a nice dimension. That is a walk I think I could take every day for the rest of my life, if it were given to me. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much for all your appreciative comments! And a warm welcome to Sarah. (Do take a look at Sarah's excellent blog - http://sarahsalway.blogspot.com - a must for writers but an all-round box of delights too.)

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