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08 September 2008


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Lovely photographs. Took me a while to realise the blue stuff in some of them is actually sky! I remember going through a John Fowles period when I devoured everything he'd written and, yes, I did go to see the film version of The FLW.

Lovely pics. Had been hoping to visit Lyme with the family myself this year, but didn't manage to fit it into the school hols. These help make up for it - but also remind me why I wanted to go there again! Glad you had such a lovely day and that you saw some blue sky!

Beautiful photos! I've never been to the Cobb, either - I'd like to, but I only want to visit it on a bright, calm, sunny day! The harbour looks so much warmer than the other direction...

I think I can help you out on the boat name. It simply means that it's the 'tender' or 'dinghy' belonging to the boat named 'Gibson's Choice'. It's the little diddly boat they use to get from the jetty to the stonking great big boat they can't bring in close enough! LOL!

Liz - that bit of blue sky was over Dorset; it's is a rare as hen's teeth down here in Devon.

J - every time I go to Lyme, I fall in love with it all over again. And wonder why I don't go there more often - it's only an hour or so from home.

Thanks for explaining the boat name, Jay! Always helpful to have a few experienced hands on board to help out with the nautical terms.

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