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30 November 2008


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I am so sorry.

So sorry about your cat - how old was he? Am still missing Rescue Dog dreadfully and cannot persuade Husband to consider another four legged friend.

What a wonderful life he had with you, D, and what a peaceful way to leave it. Mxxxxx

I an truly sorry.

D, I am so sorry, but glad that he was able to stay with you, in his home, unti the end. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sad news. Glad to know, though, that you were all together.

I'm so sorry - thank you for sharing the picture of your good friend.

That's so beautiful and so sad. Life is full of too many goodbyes.

Really sorry to hear your news but I'm glad your lovely cat was with you all at the end of what I am sure was a very happy life.

I'm so sorry. It is such a wonderful privilege to be owned by a cat or dog - but oh so hard to part.

What a journey you have all had, and one with lots of happy memories. Love C

My most sincere condolences for your loss.

What a beautiful face he has..... so like my cat from when we were kids....

sending a hug....

I'm so very sorry.

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Stripe I and having had many many pets in my life I understand your pain. Animals become family members and are treated as such.

Another book that I read and recommend about doggies is called Dogs Never Lie About Love- don't remember the author but a very nice book indeed.

I enjoyed reading your writings and will visit again. May the Lord offer you comfort and peace during your time of loss.



Thank you all so much for your kind and understanding comments and emails. And a warm welcome to Leslie, even on a sad occasion. How amazing to think that the story of one tabby cat has reached visitors as far away as New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Spain and Sweden.

Leslie: the book you mention, Dogs Never Lie About Love, is by Jeffrey Masson and it's one of my favourites.

RIP Stripe, in cat heaven ...

Just learned about your sweet kitty boy from Estorbo's blog. Our condolences for your loss, and we wish you many wonderful memories of your Black Stripe One.

The Yosemite Cats

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