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13 December 2008


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A lovely tribute, D. I discovered today that the Postgate/Firmin programmes were not just beautiful entertainment but beneficial to intellectual development too. See my post or this link (if it works) to the Sunday Telegraph

I heard, first, from Jackie Morris of Oliver Postgate's death, then here(I had clicked across from Don Estorbo's blog)and have seen other tributes around the blogs.All deserved.
Thanks for this link.

And I hope you and Clarence are smiling again?

Welcome Dinahmow and it was kind of you to ask after Clarence, who was known on this blog as Black Stripe One. I'm sorry to tell you that he died two weeks ago (see earlier post and photo:
http://60goingon16.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/11/dancing-to-the-rhythm-of-life.html )

I think our dear friend Don Estorbo was so upset that he mixed up Clarence with his brother Cuthbert (Black Stripe Two), who is still very much alive but missing his twin brother, who was his constant companion for eight years.

I see that the link I mentioned earlier didn't appear at all. So much for my clever tricks. Here it is http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/3743935/Children-need-Slow-TV-such-as-Bagpuss-and-other-Oliver-Postgate-characters.html

Oh heck! Yes, 'storbo did confuse the brothers. But the sentiment remains.

I had to blink very hard when I heard about Mr.Postgate's death, but as I mentioned on my blog, he gave so much.


Thank you for that link, it's a very informative article.

Good morning....

and thanks for the beautiful e-card....that was fun on a snowy cold morning here in Canada..... another day to "hunker down" and do some baking...and maybe even wage a gentle war on a few dust bunnies...

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