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11 March 2009


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You might want to wear the garlic cloves around your neck when you see your "nasty" neighboor coming your way. It might help you deal with her "venimous" bite and help you keep your sense of humor at the same time. She might also get how she is viewed... You can try the vicks vaporrub as a breath over the bowl of hot water and towel over your head for you cold. Wishing you good heath.

I hope you are feeling better, D. What a lovely builder you've found. If he can't sort out the Grumpy Neighbour, I'll come over and do it. How dare she upset you and make you feel poorly GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Oh, you've brought back such memories. My dad used to make me a steam tent over the bathroom sink -- pungent with Friar's Balsam. I wonder if it still exists here in the drugstore -- haven't thought of it for years.
Hope you're soon over your cold -- it will take longer to get over the loss of your companion -- I know, having just lost mine as well. . .

D. if you know a reliable supplier of essential oils, get some Benzoin and use a few drops in a bowl of steaming water as an inhalant. Benzoin is the basis of Friars Balsam.

Good luck with your treatment and may you feel better soon.

Oooh, I LOVE Friars Balsam. It takes me right back to my childhood and beyond, to my mother's childhood. Snug under the towel, inhaling those Proustian vapours, is for me one of the most elemental experiences.

BUT - did you know you can't buy it in Boots any more? It's only stocked by small independent chemists, apparently - and how many of those are there left in the UK these days? I'm going to stockpile next time I find some. I want to hand over a supply to the next generation!

Hope it works for you, anyway!

Friars Balsam. Gosh - I haven't seen that around for awhile.

I'm a great fan of Wood Lock which I use for sore muscles and as an inhalant (is that the word?)

Hope you recover soon.

You can still buy Friar's Balsam! My Mum always had some and I remember those childhood colds and my head under a towel, hanging over a basin of steam with some FB in it.

If you can't find it in a local chemist, you can buy it online. You probably have to buy a demi-john of the stuff, but never mind. You can hand it down to your children. LOL!

Thank you for all your comments and for the suggestions of benzoin (hadn't reistered the link between that and Friars' Balsam, Pam) and Wood Lock (which is new to me, Colleen).

And welcome to Roxanne, all the way from Alaska; your mention of Vicks Vaporub, which bought back more childhood memories. I'll bear the garlic in mind . . .

The cold, in that unfathomable way that colds have, disappeared of its own accord in 24 hours.

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