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04 May 2009


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Mr H is terrified of cows. Many walks have been re-routed due to this. I'm happy to plough through them, but they are very nosey and will follow anything.
When I was young, my cousin and I used to go into the fields and ride the cows (we did know the farmer)who were usually quite obliging. But not always. I have a scar from a certain barbed wire incident. We once also caught a nasty skin rash from them. The doctor couldn't work out how we'd got it! (My Mother would have had a dicky fit if she'd known)

I'm a farmer's daughter so don't mind cows too much, but they do seem to get very silly when dogs are around. However I'd do almost anything to avoid walking through a field with a bull in it. How lovely that your walk turned your thoughts to Italy, hope the house sale moves along and you get back there soon.

A farmer often runs bullocks in the field opposite our house, and when they're first let out they certainly are curious! However waving your arms about and yelling at them usually makes them back off. I do keep dogs on leads around them, our first dog was kicked and bowled over. :(

You have such beautiful countryside near you! You have hills, and everything! And Italy looks gorgeous. We really must get there one day.

Funnily enough, I live almost next door to a dairy farm and am very fond of cows. (Always feel sorry for them when they are bellowing for the male calves that have been taken away from them . . .)

But, yes, it's the combination of dog (in this case, bonkers labrador) and cows that is a bit unnerving!

What lovely pictures! So green. Here in Colorado, while we have nice scenery, things do look a little bare.

Italy is beautiful but I don't think you can beat an English spring!

Those pictures of Italy could be from The Enchanted April. How could your bear to come back? The English greenery is lovely, but a little consistent sunshine would be appreciated.

'All very English and pastoral' is right! My God, what a country. I'd never leave. I'd stay in my little cottage and walk outside sometimes and think I was in Heaven. And if Maureen comes back and reads this, I have The Enchanted April in the dvd player right now, ready to watch. Finally after all these years it is on dvd. One of the rare times I love the movie much more than the book. There's a great Wodehouse quote from Cocktail Time: It was one of those perfect days which come 3-5 times in an English summer.

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