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16 June 2009


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How strange that we both mentioned magic realism today...

Prodigal Summer is the only book of Barabara Kingsolver that I have not read. I am a huge fan of her writing, fictional or otherwise. Have you read her poetry book: Another America/ Otra America? A new book "La Lacuna" is due sometimes in the next two years... I can be patient.

Must be magic, Rattling On! Seriously, I think this does happen from time to time with kindred blogging spirits. M at Random Distractions and I sometimes used to swap emails before we started writing a post - just in case! Sadly, there are some bloggers (no names, no pack drill), even quite famous ones, who are not above poaching ideas and content. It used to happen to me, with increasing rapidity, to the extent that I decided to take my blog in a slightly different direction - to lessen the likelihood.

Your latest post arrived via email this morning and I thought 'that looks interesting, I'll read it properly this evening when I have more time . . . ' (And it's fascinating, am about to leave a comment!)

Roxane - yes, I read about Barbara Kingsolver's forthcoming novel in one of the weekend review supplements here in the UK. Something to look forward to when winter descends . . . .

We have a friend who writes comedy for TV. My husband was even used as the basis for a character in a popular children's show(unknowingly), and a lot of in-jokes happened to pop up in stuff he's written. Makes you very conscious that he always has half an ear on using the conversation for his own means.
I know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it's annoying when someone passes off stuff as their own original work. In blogging terms I suppose it's a major problem. Not one that I've had to deal with.....
Back to the point- Small Wonder looks fascinating and I'll look out for it.
Hope Miss M is comfortable- an awful feeling of limbo, isn't it? Wanting not to let go, but also wanting the best for them.

NOOOO!!! Have just read your comment on my blog and you're moving?? Where? When? Must meet up before you go - can't believe I've been so lax and let it slip.
Haven't been reading blogs as assiduously as I should (and my feed doesn't like yours for some reason so I don't get the nudges - but really no excuses). DO please get in touch and let;s sort something out.

LOVE Barbara Kingsolver btw....and must read more.
GM crops? Don't get me started!

Well, 60 going on 16, you've inspired me - Im heading out to the Library this morning to look for Kingsolver's books.

Hope you manage to keep on top of the juggling.

I so agree that there is nothing like either an old favourite or short stories to get through busy times. I'd recently noticed Animal, Vegetable, Mineral and thought I might give it a whirl but...no time! Thanks for the link and the recommendation.

I'm adding these titles to my holiday reading list.

You clearly have a lot on your plate at the moment - take care.

Thanks for all your thoughful comments. The Divine Miss M is holding her own, as they say, and much brighter for having had my daughter here for a week.

Exmoorjane - yes, we must fix that lunch before I go; will get in touch ASAPl!

The Friend in Transit has just recommended this 2007 article by Barbara Kingsolver: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2007/04/seeing-red-eating-locally-and-debunking-red-blue-divide

Some very pertinent observations on growing our own food, sourcing locally grown food, and on the ways in which how we eat and what we eat shape the world.

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