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28 November 2009


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Oh, good heavens. :( Poor Michael. As to why someone would want to beat such a nice young man senseless, I suspect that sometimes the answer is simply because the victims ARE nice. Jealousy, envy, hatred of what you can't have yourself .. all too familiar these days. Very sad.

I'm glad to hear Michael is recovering, but your poor Auntie Rene! Hopefully she will recover too, and I know she will have a stream of visitors all giving her their strength. I'm sending good thoughts for them both.

I LOVE the postcard! Brilliant. LOL!

What an awful thing to happen to Michael. I've really glad they are both recovering now. Like you - I hope that the Scrubs has its gates wide open to welcome the offenders!

I echo all the sentiments expressed above. Positive thoughts aplenty coming from this corner.

I'm so sorry to hear that news. As you know, I work with 'behaviourally challenged' children/young people (pardon the quote marks but I am more than a little scornful of the label). I can vouch for the fact that some members of society have no respect for anyone or anything, at any age. We had a whole day dedicated to antisocial behaviour last week. Very enlightening and I could go on for hours. Just let it be said that these young people know exactly what they are doing and get some sort of a thrill from their actions. I try to be an example, sometimes it's very hard to not just throw in the towel. I do hope those who did that awful thing to your cousin are punished, and that your Auntie makes a full recovery.

Thank you for sharing your rage and outrage at such senseless and cruel events.

There seems to be no more freedom of movement in some parts of this country.

You did make me think that Michael and Auntie Rene are blessed in their family who love and act for them and are outraged on their behalf. As well as this they must be sweet people to merit such affection.

Without being pious I have the thought that if the nasty people who did this to Michael had ever had such love in their lives they might not have been there to do this terrible thing. I know! I know! Not a reason or and excuse. Just a thought.

My thoughts are with your cousin/twin who must be under so much day by day pressure with all this.

In haste (sorry) but all warm wishes and love to Michael and Rene for swift recoveries. xx

One of the nastier facts of London life is knowing that young men are the most vulnerable victims of violence on the streets of London. Your twin cousin will have had her worse fears realised and both she, and her son, have my heartfelt sympathy. Thank goodness he is on the mend.

But poor aunty...oh, dear, Such bad luck for her. She sounds very much like a fightern though.

We mustn't let the bastards grind us down.

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