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23 November 2009


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Terry Wogan played Val Doonican singing Delaney's Donkey a bit ago. Cheered me up no end; not serious music, I know, but so much fun. I admire your friend for sticking with the piano lessons, such a lot of pleasure to be had and a nice social instrument as well.

I hope you'll be treating me to some of these songs and even a. arabesque or two when I visit tomorrow!

I admire your friend for taking on the piano and hope she is soon playing those sonatas. By coincidence, my daughter and I were talking about her piano lessons only yesterday. Music lessons were an extra at her already very expensive school and her piano teacher called me in to suggest that I might find a better use for the money. Dear daughter was not a co-operative pupil. Talking about it yesterday, she explained that he insisted on her playing 'C, C, middle C, I play middle C' and such like, when she wanted to play a sonata. 'Why didn't he just let me?' she asked. Knowing my daughter better now than I did when she was 7, I believe she would have been playing sonatas in no time, if allowed to get on with it! I'll tell her about your friend and encourage her to get on with it now - it's obviously never too late.

You and your friend of 40 years are very blessed to have so much fun together, and to burst into song and even tap dance.
It was fun to read this post.

Rattling On : oooh, not sure we are ready to tackle Val Doonican just yet . . .

Monix: well, my friend is 61 so you can tell the dear daughter that time is still on her side.

Terra: it was fun to write too. The great thing is that we now have more time to see each other.

Oh, that does sound fun!! I wish I could sing or play something... well, I can play the recorder, but that's it. I've tried to learn piano and guitar and violin, but my dodgy neck always stops me. *Sigh*

The counter tenor is very restful to listen to, isn't he? So mellow, which you might not guess by having that kind of voice described to you.

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  • Patti Smith, M Train
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    I don't believe in God. I find it much easier to believe in ancestors. I like to imagine they are pointing us in the right direction.

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