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31 December 2009


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Dear Boots

Thank you for the Pavlova clip. Exquisite. She is like a floating white feather. So fragile.

The parallels continue. I have always loved to dance and have loved dance in the broadest sense with ballet somewhere in the mix. I had lessons until my father died, when dancing - like many other beautiful things - went West.

Have good things in 2010.

Happy New Year, hope 2010 turns out a good one...

Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy 2010.

Happy New Year!

Sorry I can't comment on the content of the post but it keeps disappearing. I've tried to read it several times today but it won't stay still for long enough. I haven't touched a drop, honestly!

Best wishes for a wonderful start to 2010, and may the whole year be good to you -- perhaps we'll even have a chance to meet in London this year!

As you know, we lost two beloved dogs this year too - if I can stretch a point and count 30th Dec 2008 as 'this year'. It feels like this year. Don't they leave a huge hole? I still miss them both, nearly a year on.

Such a sad dance, and perfect for the mood. But perhaps 2010 will be better for both of us? Let's hope so! Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for your wonderful dance year,D.

I thought of you when I went to see the remastered version of The Red Shoes this week (I would not have bothered if you had not posted about it earlier this year and inspired me to see it). It was absolutely captivating. And I've been dipping into the Twyla Tharp book you recommended too which has also been a revelation.

Amazing what a little blogging does for people.

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