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01 December 2009


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Excellent news all round! What a relief.Some Parts of Some Institutions still work!

You must all be very relieved at such good progress. And well done the NHS, I'm an ardent fan despite its failings.

I'm so glad all is going so much better. There is no doubting the value of positive thinking and prayer when it comes to medical issues, or any issue for that matter. My sincere good wishes to you and yours for even more improvement.
Barbara altman, author of soon to be released, "Beyond Depression, Celebrate Recovery

I'm happy for you and your family. Here in Canada, I'm also very grateful for our medical system with its equal access for all. Something I'd like to keep taking for granted for a long while . . .

When push comes to shove the NHS perform. I may rant about poor service at my health centre etc but several friends diagnosed this year with cancer have received prompt and extensive treatment. Hope your patients continue to improve.

Quick update: yes, Michael and his grandma are at home and doing well, thank you.

And hello to new visitor, Barbara; will forgive plug for your forthcoming book, in view of your kind wishes! Not usually permitted on 60 going on . . . authors' plugs, that is, not good wishes, which are always welcome.

I am SO glad to hear that Michael is doing so well! And your Aunt, too. Yes, thank heavens for the NHS. It has its flaws, for sure, but it is always there when you need it.

Good news!

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