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25 February 2010


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My favorite Beatle too! Wasn't it just yesterday we were 16 and George was still making music?

Reading this reminds me of a dinner I had (along with a couple of other people) with a very nice national director/policy lead on health matters, after which off he went to be interviewed on Newsnight....... and was positively mauled by Jeremy Paxman. Made me think afterwards that plying him with good food, a glass of wine and gentle conversation was probably not the best preparation for a head to head with Jeremy. Will be tuning in to Monday's repeat, by the way. Hope it went well this morning.

I'd be terrified! But your listeners are very lucky, as are your readers, and I'm sure the wise, observant, delightful voice that comes through in this blog will win the day!

Such an interesting story-post, Boots. Great idea for a radio slot, giving writers a voice out there. I'll tune in. Some great tips for setting about that daunting task. Hope it all goes with a brilliant swing, wxx

Sorry I missed your reading, D. I was on Radio London last Friday with a curator from the Imperial War Museum talking to Robert Elms about the WI and jam.

What a pro he is...

Lia: you're right; it was just yesterday. Probably about 7.30pm.

Liz: goodness, up against Paxo? Well, that requires even stronger wits than Today, especially coming at the end of the day when, even without good wine and food, one is probably not at one's most alert.

Materfamilias: it was scarier than I'd imagined but the people at 10 Radio put us all at our ease. And, we've been invited back so we must have got something right . .

Wendy: it's very much a community station (owned and run by the good people of Wiveliscombe) and they are keen to support and encourage local writers. No fee of course!

Colleen: hope it went well - we mustn't let this late-flowering fame go to our heads, must we? I've always thought that Robert Elms was a terrific broadcaster and writer. Loved his book The Way We Wore: a Life in Threads, about the clothes, music and social history of the Sixties and Seventies. Didn't realise that he was on R London, so will make a point of listening.

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  • Patti Smith, M Train
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