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25 August 2010


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Once again...attitude, and love, and family and comfort food, will come to the rescue when Massive Inconveniences happen. You are in my thoughts and as my therapist told me, if those who love and care about you, each think of you even once a day, you will always be in someone's thoughts...

Families - often maddening, sometimes troubling .... but just what you need in a crisis. What a wonderful daughter, dropping everything ... and phoning back later for a good laugh.

Thank you for the links, very kind. I'm glad that recipe hit the spot for you. It's my favourite courgette recipe for this summer


You have to laugh or...well, it's a motto in this house as well. Even if you're only pretending to laugh it somehow ends up making you feel a bit better in the end.
I love courgettes. Roast, braised, steamed, in cakes (a la carrot cake)as fritters/rosti, chopped up and hidden in almost any dish ( the girls don't realise they've eaten so many!)
And how lovely that you will have your daughter with you, and that you can be honest with each other. Something I never had/have with my own Mother. She is not one of life's copers which adds a great deal to any Massive Inconvenience I have been inopportuned by...

Fervent thanks to you and Joanna for a good courgette recipe! I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I have found myself thinking of you so much in the past couple of days, while washing up, or ironing, or any of those daily jobs that leave the mind and heart free. Thinking, but not capable of expressing very well. Your daughter sounds like a woman in your own admirable mold, a friend in need. Wishing you all that is good.

Just to let you know that I am thinking of you. I'm on the other side of teh world at the moment, but thinking warm thoughts as hard as I can. You are being incredibly brave and positive and I'm glad your daughter is being so supportive.
with the warmest wishes I can send via telepathy!

Very Dear Boots

You are so-o-o extra-ordinary.

I always read you with admiration, humbled by your humour, your sense of irony and I love the way how, through your writing, you showcase for us a principled life, a life well lived, a life lived with relish and humour. I was shocked and worried for you -as many must have been - when I read the previous post. And here we have you facing the Massive Inconvenience with such stoical grace. Great that the prognosis is good. It has to be. You are the Archetypal Positive Thinker. And in sharing as you do here you - typically - will help people you don't know. And you even offer courgettes...

Thinking of you, cheering you on


I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are, so I pop in after a period of great laziness to come across your news and your sense and sensibility shining through. As you will. So will be thinking of you, D, on your journey..


Glad to hear you have family resources as well as inner resources. Both are invaluable in times of crisis

I'd so like to express my thoughts and wishes, but as I try it becomes obvious that English isn't my mother tongue.

I'm sending you the best wishes for a speedy recovery and I'm thinking of you - in Norwegian. I'm sure there is much warmth coming your way, in all different kinds of languages, from all ages, from many places around the world.

"Sometimes our best intentions do not go amiss; sometimes we do as we meant to.
The sun will sometimes melt a field of sorrow that seemed hard frozen: may it happen for you." (Sylvia Plath. The Bell Jar.)

Just read your news. I send you warm wishes for a successful recovery. With your attitude to life I have no doubt it will all end well for you. Till then, keep walking with the Edinburgh Boy. He will know how to reach your soul and lift your spirits.

Sounds like something my daughter would say - reading through to catch up and I think how good it is to have family to count on...and a wonderful attitude with good rich humor like yours and your daughters. Stay strong.

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