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22 August 2010


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Bon courage! I went to the same thing 8 years ago. Hope you find support and motivation!

keeping you in my prayers...and I love your attitude!!! :-)

Merci beaucoup, Jocelyne - so encouraging to hear from you.

And thank you, Niki, I'll try to keep that attitude going . . .

I'm so sorry -- I know there are so many other things you would rather be doing that surgery, chemo, radiation! But you are taking this on with so much courage and strength and wisdom, I know you'll inspire us all. Wishing you the best!

Best wishes for a very speedy recovery! Bravo about not needing chemo, it's the pits. Radiation will be over before you know it - be sure to plan lots of fun, relaxing indulgences to help the time fly.

Well done, D, for facing this with your indomitable spirit. Tis the feisty ones that beat it!

I do sympathise - you have a very positive approach, and this will see you through. Good luck!

We have to stay positive, don't we? There's no alternative. Take care.

You write with great panache, as always, although it must have been a hell of a shock. I am very sorry that you are faced with this challenge. Your honesty and determination will help to carry you through, of that I am sure. Wishing you strength, courage, humour and good friends on your way to a healthy birthday.

Viva courage, viva friends, viva long life dear friend!

I admire your courage. From your course of treatment it does sound as though you have every reason to be optimistic about the outcome. In your shoes I would imagine myself being pretty absorbed with having cancer, but (thank goodness) I've not found myself there. Hope it all goes well for you. And Christmas isn't that far away. If it's all done and dusted by then, that might be tolerable. I still think you are very brave. Best of luck.

So sorry to hear your news. I hope very much that writing about it will help you - you can see already how supportive blogging about it will be.

I'm sorry there's no Maggie's Centre near you, but there may be one on your "beat" ... it's a good place for information/support/help/a jolly good cry/a nice cup of tea



Thank you for sharing this, a part of life and you...They say attitude is everything and you are showing us that...no disappointment there!

Goodness, what wonderfully encouraging comments and helpful suggestions (and greatly appreciated emails) from so many of you. Thank you all so much. I've got no choice but to get better, have I?

May I add my penn'orth, and positive thoughts, D. This is a very inspiring post. As you can see,there will be many with you every step of the way, spurring you on to recovery.


Only just read this post, D. Wishing you all courage and hope, and much love. J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I just saw your post, I'm so sorry to hear the news. But I'm sure you'll come through with flying colors, I'm wishing you the best, D.

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