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08 August 2010


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I LOVE the description of Gudrun's clothes as 'Boden on acid'. It made me laugh out loud, so has proved to be another reason to be cheerful! Perhaps the tendency to moan is an indulgence of the generally well off. When things get really tough, after all, one has to put one's head down and get on with it. I confess to finding the Grumpy Old.. series enjoyably cathartic, but I do agree that it is vital to find pleasure in the little things. Recognising when one is happy is probably the secret of contentment.

I think once we get spoiled to having things it is scary to be threatened with their loss. That said, listening to people complain about the way things are is quite grating, I find. I try to be around people who are able to look on the positive side of things. Boden on Acid is a perfect description for those clothes. I'm afraid being petite I'd be swamped in them, but I'm bookmarking the site all the same!

Oh good, Dancing Beastie and Shelley - that Boden on acid remark made me laugh too.

Shelley - why not order the catalogue? it's free and much easier to browse than the website, which is not the most straightforward in the world. I wondered if I was too old to wear her clothes but have now worn a couple of the items that I bought recently and actually received some compliments - and that doesn't happen too often when one is pushing 63! (Dancing Beastie - that's another addition to the reasons to be cheerful.)

I've never heard that song, but it's rather charming, isn't it?

Love all your reasons to be cheerful - those terriers do look almost enough to convert one! - and I'm now off to look for Boden on Acid. Sounds good to me! Now, if they only do stuff in my size ....

How funny - I sometimes wonder if I'm too young to wear Gudrun clothes! (Flattering myself I fear.) Actually I think they look fab on everyone, and I'm sure your compliments were well-deserved. There's definitely a bit of a Gudrun cult in this part of the world: not many of us, but we can each recognise someone in the cult at a hundred paces. Her clothes are the most sunny and cheerful (and yes, a bit mad) that you could hope to find. Very un-British, which is why we need them!

Jay - Gudrun's clothes come in all sizes and you can mix up the styles, layer them etc. There's bound to be something that will be right for you! (Terriers gorgeous by the way but I doubt that they could convert you from your beloved rescue greyhounds. I'm still in the rescue Labrador camp but it was touch and go for a while.)

Cult is right, Dancing Beastie; found myself sitting opposite someone at a party a month ago, who was wearing the two-layered Gudrun frock I was planning to buy. Instant bonding! I'm with Robert Herrick when it comes to clothes - just love a touch of 'sweet disorder in the dress'.

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