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29 October 2010


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I do agree with you about dogs and Freecycle (or even adverts in the local paper where I'm sure it's equally a case of first come, first served). The mister here volunteers at the local RSPCA animal centre and has found that, even after all of the vetting and matching, a significant number of rehomed dogs (who are often, shall we say, challenging) return. Whilst on holiday in Spain recently we helped a retired couple catch their young Springer spaniel who'd escaped from their house and was running amok. They told us they were taking her back to the rescue centre. They'd had her for one day.

Pets on Freecycle? I'm shocked, though I guess by my age I should expect anything.

Poor dog. Some people really don't deserve to keep animals. I must say I am very surprised that the Freecycle group should allow the advertising of animals.

I followed your link to the Rough Diamond's adventures and my heart was in my mouth reading that story! Also, I meant to say that the links in your previous post (Betjeman) gave me a wonderful evening's browsing the other day. Thank you very much.

Sad but true. It is good you posted this personal experience as sometimes we need a good shaking!

I have bred and adored Cornish Rex cats for 21 years and have only lost track of 2 cats in all those years and that was through divorce where neither person cared enough...

I keep in touch with my 'extended family' and 99.9% of my family do the same with me...and I have taken back 8 cats in all those years (it's part of my contract that I will take a cat back for whatever reason if they are no longer able to keep it) and I was able to rehabilitate those with behavior issues and find new happy homes for almost all of them.

I surf Petfinder, breed rescue sites, Craigslist but never thought about Freecycle...ugh!

love those cupcakes: Liz, what a heartbreaking story. But all too common. I heard something even more shocking from a dog-walking companion today. Apparently, another local dog owner regularly appears with a new dogs, who then disappear after a few months. It seems that if they don't shape up in terms of behaviour, she takes them up to a man on Exmoor and gives him a wad of cash. He asks no questions and then shoots the dog.

Colleen: it's when we stop being shocked that we have to worry . . .

Dancing Beastie: It's very sad about Freecycle. Have now heard from others that their local groups permit it too. We are all seething! (So glad you enjoyed the Rough Diamond links and the Betjeman post.)

Teri: fantastic that you have kept in touch with so many of those undoubtedly proud owners.

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