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04 November 2010


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Keeping everything crossed that you will be spending tonight at home - you can wear the lovely pyjamas there!
Thinking of you.

I'm sorry you are having such a time. Let's hope this is truly the nadir and that it's all improvement from here.

I have followed your life through the blog for a couple of years now and at times have envied where you live, the dogs (we have a tri-coloured KC Spaniel - not as rumbustious but a delight)and admired your style and grace.
No one in their right mind would envy what you are going through now but my admiration for the way you are handling this is beyond bounds.
Your attitude does inspire me (63 and phobic about getting old - 30 years too late!) and emphasizes how when it feels like it's falling apart a positive stoic approach - is that a combination? - gets us through.
I have retained one of your posts that starts 'Our 60-something minds are elsewhere' to re-read regularly as it strikes so true. May I suggest that you also re-read, I am sure it will provide strength.
My best wishes, I am sure your army of readers believe - nay demand - that you will be blogging for many many years

The pyjamas sound great. The person inside them, greater.

Please let this be the nadir: the only way is up! My mother has recently experienced a not dissimilar - and very distressing - reaction to antibiotics, again causing problems at least as grim as the original infection. Not good. Here's hoping fervently that you and your beautiful pyjamas are well looked after in hospital and emerge soon feeling healthier and happier.

My thoughts are with you and I feel very angry at what you are being subjected to. Aspects of modern medicine seem positively medieval in the pain and suffering they inflict on the hapless patient.
A wonderful touch - designer pyjamas!

You are an inspiration, D....always coming up with strategies to look after yourself well.

Hooray for the Breast Care Centre who seem the voice of sanity in all this.

Thoughts are with you.


What lovely people, you all are. Thank you for the always encouraging comments, which mean so much when one is not at one's best.

I was extraordinarily touched by your words, Bob, and made myself track down that earlier post and reread it. I'm so glad that it has continued to resonate for you and, you're right, it has been very helpful for me to revisit it.

Dancing Beastie: I meant to say that I hope your mother has fully recovered.

What a perfectly horrible time you've been having! I'm so sorry. Doctors who just dish these things out without too much thought, well, one possibility I can think of is to make them take them right along with you. I can well imagine the pain and distress you suffered, since my poor dog Sid went through much the same thing after taking Clindamycin. I have never seen (heard?) a dog scream so much trying to pass a simple bowel movement without having a blockage - which he didn't. It took months for him to get back to square one. Months and hundreds of pounds. Bah!

I'm glad to hear that you saw a good, caring doc at the clinic. Sending hugs. *Hugs*

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