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08 December 2010


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Counting down the days with you

Sounds beautiful. What nice thing can you do for faithful and heroic Dave? He sounds like a gift.

This seems to me like a present from the universe to a beloved woman walking her dogs on a sublime winter morning.w

I agree with Wendy; it was a gift to buoy you up in your travails. How fantastic. For some reason Powell and Pressburger's film, I Know Where I'm Going comes to mind...maybe your writing of the dogs and the landscape evoked that. Thanks for sharing the Gould clip.

Colleen: thank you so much for accompanying me on the journey. Am loving your Advent blog-calendar, by the way.

Shelley: yes, my family and I have something in mind for Dave but cannot say what it is in case he is reading this!

Wendy: it did, indeed feel like a gift. The music (a different piece) was there again later in the week but someone had joined me on the walk and talked all the way through it. Didn't even notice . . .

Sally: thank you! I haven't seen that film for many years so am going to order it from my film club immediately. Glad you enjoyed Gould . . .

What a moment. Sublime is indeed the word. It is interesting to hear this version, as I know and cherish Gould's later recording. As you probably know, the later one is much slower, more introspective. I wonder which Bach would have preferred.

I remember once, in my impoverished and romantic youth (!), throwing open the casement windows of a cheap and grubby pensione in Rome and hearing an operatic aria soaring over the rooftops from a neighbouring apartment, as white doves cooed and fluttered between the buildings. Such moments are gifts.

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Thought for life

  • The House of Breath, William Goyen
    We are the carriers of lives and legends - who knows the unseen frescoes on the private walls of the skull?

Thinking about . . .

  • Daniel Klein, Travels with Epicurus
    I too listen to music more and more. Throughout my life, music has stirred me more than any other art form, and now, in old age, I find myself listening to it almost every evening, usually alone, for hours at a time.
  • Julia Blackburn, Thin Paths
    I began writing because I liked to write things down. I learnt foreign languages because they seemed to enter my head by a process of osmosis.
  • Joan Bakewell, Stop the Clocks
    I live contentedly alone. It's better that way and I am often thoughtful about what has been and what might have been. There are many like me.
  • Patti Smith, M Train
    Oh to be reborn within the pages of a book.
  • Patti Smith, M Train
    Why is it that we lose the things we love, and things cavalier cling to us and will be the measure of our worth after we’re gone?
  • Judith Kerr, Observer Magazine, 22 November 2015
    I don't believe in God. I find it much easier to believe in ancestors. I like to imagine they are pointing us in the right direction.

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