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06 September 2011


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Wish I had been there to shop with you!!

My sincere condolences on your recent loss. Pleased to see that you're finding some solace in vintage shops.. .

I obviously hang out at the wrong charity shops...or perhaps living near Newcastle is the problem. Sorry to hear about the loss of the computer. If losing the old wasn't bad enough, I found learning the new version of Microsoft v. annoying in the middle of tax time. Still, I should be grateful I could afford to replace the computer (a PC; Macs are just too cool - and too expensive - for me).

Charity shops? Only way to go for this male. Obviously for blokes not everything designer and I would not wear anyway (person not a advertising hoarding) but in last couple of years have acquired among many items a very nice Jaegar blazer for £5 - and the nice people at Jaegar even sent me a couple of buttons for free when one of mine was lost. Ties from T M Lewin for a £1, the list goes on.
Pity about the iBook but perhaps time to get a tablet (iPad)as this is to be the industry standard I understand. Can do 90% of what a laptop can whilst a laptop can only 50% of what a tablet can.

Hello dear FiNZ: as we discovered when you were here in July, we make a great team of vintage sleuths (by which I do not mean that we are ancient . . .)

Materfamilias: it seems that all is not yet lost with the iBook; a bit of creative recycling is about to take place.

Shelley: there is a definite hierarchy of desirability in the charity shops near here and in many places - the most generously supported seem to be those with local connections (local air ambulance, local hospice etc). They seem to offer the best choice - and not just for clothes. As for iBooks, I've never bought a new one, always secondhand via designer colleagues upgrading or, the last time round, on eBay. It was an absolute bargain at the time, has served me very well and, if the recycled part works, it will rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Bob: give that man a round of applause. I am delighted to hear that you also embrace the cause. Most impressed by Jaeger sending you the buttons. As for tablets/iPads - they're not necessarily a first choice for writers. My son-in-law is a big fan but he's an IT guru, not a writer; he says that, ideally, I would have to add a keyboard, which rather defeats the object. I can see the fun that can be had on a iPad (it's hard to prise him away from his) but, if I'm honest, everything I need is available on a laptop. Not ruling one out altogether though - but it will have to be preloved!

What an entertaining account of bargain hunting. I must admit I am a little envious of the quality of charity shops in the south of England. Here they have rails and rails of navy polyester slacks and fusty old beige anoraks! Clearly we need a few more slebs to move in...

Yet more random coincidences made me smile: not only RTR and Gudrun, but also a shared love of MacBooks and Subarus. I know I'd be bereft by the loss of my MacBook, so send you deepest sympathy!

Dear Dancing Beastie: I can appreciate that you would like less of the navy blue and beige but an influx of slebs might be too high a price to pay. And, ah those coincidences (I was doing a bit of reading up on the RTR just the other day) but I didn't know that you were a Subaru woman as well. I always think that they are the cars that most closely resemble a tank, especially the Forester, which is what I drive. Perhaps that's why I feel so safe in one, for reasons that you will understand.

Desperately trying to make contact and finally found somewhere to post you a message I hope you find this as I have previously sent an email which ofcourse bounced back. All my news boinging around the stratosphere. I am away to Nepal on Sunday and wanted to say so sorry I missed your birthday yet again and send me an email address asap, as I am naff at finding where and how to respond to blogposts, its in the lap of the gods if I find my own! I will see you speak to you after the momentous journey and hopefully we will post some of our pics on flickr or possibly facebook. lots of love marilyn

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