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01 January 2012


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Ah, the lovely Leonard! Excellent choice!

I didn't make any resolutions either, although I have decided that I must do something about my fitness levels this year. When I finally get rid of this dratted flu bug, that is! It's a very unwelcome guest .. it arrived after a couple of days with a dry cough on Christmas morning and it's still with me. Gah.

I have to say I'm glad you're going to be an Olympics free zone (me too!) but I'm a little disappointed not to see you knitting a pixie hood!

I appreciate your good intentions, but where will I turn when I need a pixie hood?

Hideous thing, the pixie hood, which I was forced to wear as a child.

Am so relieved you will be an Olympics-free zone....it will be a very welcome change amidst all the hype. I read that the London theatres will have to close during the period as the city could not cope with the additional traffic - escandalosa

Love everything about that post, the vintage pattern (I'd frame it), Leonard and your determined resolve not to resolve. You are my kind of woman.

I was looking for more information about Cobbles Bookshop in Dunster, so I followed a link in Google and found myself on your most delightful blog! What a breath of fresh air you are in this upside-down world! Can't tell you how thrilled I am there'll be one blog in the UK that'll be Olympics free! THANK YOU!

Hi Joanna and welcome. Sadly, Cobbles Bookshop in Dunster has now closed its doors . . . I will try to find out if it has moved elsewhere.

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