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04 March 2012


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I so agree. A little incident: we sat here tonight, heard a crash and found a car full of young lads had taken the corner too sharply and caused a domino crash into the front of my stationery car. Thankfully nobody was hurt but my car is probably a write-off.

Not bad boys in this case, just reckless. No point in getting angry. Another time, another place, it could be my son. Let's just hope they've learnt something.

Hello Boots

Lovely post. Refreshing to experience again the gilded performance of a great song. I decided a while ago not to get angry at things I could do curse-all about. So much energy wasted that could go into people, work and just enjoying the day.

You might say this is rather passive. (Passive resistance to an aggressive zeitgeist?) But in adding to the sum of contentment perhaps one can contribute to a tidal change in human consciousness. It certainly makes day by day life better.

The perfect bit of music for these awful times. Your new housemate is a beautiful girl, and like mine not at all what you thought you needed. My "baby angel" is at least now and I can hardly remember when I doubted her place in my life.

I say, don't read, watch, or listen to 'the news.' Their news is never the news I want to hear. I want to hear about books and gardens and birds.

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