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20 November 2012


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Beetroot can be overwhelming, can't it? I hated the boiled stuff at school and have steadfastly avoided borscht. I have, however, recently been converted to roasted beetroot - just a small amount in a medley of roasted root veg. Perhaps I'll even follow your recommendation and give the borscht recipe a try.

Elizabeth David certainly had not reached the school kitchens when I was a child and the only cooked vegetables I could stomach were peas and potatoes. It was only when I learnt to cook myself that I was converted. These days I crave brassicas, the darker the better, sweet parsnips, roasted carrots and beetroots and, of course, delicious borscht. All those years wasted.

I love beetroot, always have, and particularly beetroot soup (which I had yesterday). Always use a simple recipe from Rose Elliot (beetroot, onion, potato, lemon)topped off with Greek yoghurt and chopped mint.

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