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23 December 2012


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The right music certainly does lift the spirits and this is a favourite here too.

I hope Plan A delivers and the spirits remain lifted. Christmas wishes of the very best to you and yours.

This is the second time someone has posted 'Gaudete' over Christmas, and I do enjoy it, so thanks for that!

So sorry to hear about the flooding and how it has affected people in your area. We are SO lucky here in the fens, because while it is hardly above sea level, the dykes do keep us dry for the most part. Having said that, in one of our local dog walking places by one of the big main dykes just outside our village, the water is dangerously high, and while it normally flows happily through two of the nine 'bridges' under the road, it's now flowing through six or seven with the rest under still water.

Hope this dries up soon!

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Thought for life

  • The House of Breath, William Goyen
    We are the carriers of lives and legends - who knows the unseen frescoes on the private walls of the skull?

Thinking about . . .

  • Daniel Klein, Travels with Epicurus
    I too listen to music more and more. Throughout my life, music has stirred me more than any other art form, and now, in old age, I find myself listening to it almost every evening, usually alone, for hours at a time.
  • Julia Blackburn, Thin Paths
    I began writing because I liked to write things down. I learnt foreign languages because they seemed to enter my head by a process of osmosis.
  • Joan Bakewell, Stop the Clocks
    I live contentedly alone. It's better that way and I am often thoughtful about what has been and what might have been. There are many like me.
  • Patti Smith, M Train
    Oh to be reborn within the pages of a book.
  • Patti Smith, M Train
    Why is it that we lose the things we love, and things cavalier cling to us and will be the measure of our worth after we’re gone?
  • Judith Kerr, Observer Magazine, 22 November 2015
    I don't believe in God. I find it much easier to believe in ancestors. I like to imagine they are pointing us in the right direction.

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