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19 May 2013


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I couldn't agree more regarding sugar, I am convinced of its addictive qualities given my own battle with a sweet tooth. What a wonderful book and such a bargain too. I love Nigel Slater's uncomplicated recipes.

Hello Aloadofoldtat (great name!) and welcome. I wondered if I sounded a bit too preachy about food and then thought, heck, if I can't write, on my own blog, about things that I believe matter, where can I? And you are spot on about the addictive nature of sugar; the hard part is having to read all the small print to discover if there is any sugar or 'hidden' sugar ie sugar by any other name in everyday grocery items. The even harder part is spotting the dreaded sugar-substitute Aspartame, a chemical concoction now rebranded as Amino Sweet, a 'natural' sweetener . . . worth the effort though.

You are so right about the way we eat, and sugar being the Devil's food. It's addictive, and extremely bad for us and it's only a miracle that the government hasn't found a way to turn it into a class A drug .. except they're all hooked, too. What gets me is that you can look down a list of ingredients and see five different forms of sugar listed!!

I eat too much sugar. I know it. From time to time I give up and always feel SO much better for it, but it only takes one dessert, or one biscuit, and I'm enslaved again. But I'll tell you another thing that does me, personally, no favours at all, and that's palm oil, which is simply EVERYWHERE, disguised as 'vegetable fat' or 'vegetable oil'. The 'experts' say it's actually good for us, but I simply do not believe them. Either that, or my body has a personal problem with it.

You're right about Aspartame, too - dreadful stuff.

So glad to hear you're still cancer free!

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