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05 September 2015


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Interesting. One of our real-life friends has posted some vitriolic comments about 'migrants' (why is there a persistence in labeling people like this?)that frankly have astounded me. Some are almost fascist in tone and certainly not the person we thought she was and this is quite saddening in that I am finding it difficult to maintain a friendship under these circumstances.

Clearly, people are entitled to their own opinions, but there does seem to be little recognition that by broadcasting (or as Facebook quaintly puts it, sharing) them in this fashion risks cutting them off from real friends and establish a distinctly odious persona.

Your Mum would have had the correct view, it is great for keeping up with family news etc., but keep a finger poised over that delete button!

It has certainly proved to be a divisive issue, Bob, and puts one's own values to the test. But, as you say, it is the tone of those who take a different view that has proved so shocking and, in some cases, unexpected. By the same token, it has strengthened the connections between those of us who hold similar views - it's that good feeling of 'I'm not alone in this!'

An Afrikaans proverb comes to mind: 'Die appel val nie ver van die boom nie.'
It translates as 'the apple falls not far from the tree' and it means that a child often looks and acts like the parent. Kindness and compassion are the surely some of the family apples here.

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